What is ER?


It’s said that the average household has 28 plus electronic devices. Look around the room, that number is probably a bit low. Everything now has a brain – an electronic one. When we do our restoration work, it is surprising how many clients feel helpless and held hostage by their own technology. Understandable. A trip out to the doctor’s office, the hardware store, the DMV etc., can take more time to negotiate the technology than the service itself!

So, how many of us read all of the instructions that come with our new TV?  How about half of us? Ok, thanks for the honesty; hardly anyone. We want our electronics to be ready to go when we plug in, charge up, and push send! All the while not really knowing much about these 28 plus “live ins” we cannot do without.

Now imagine – a home or office water, power surge, or fire event has come between us and our electronics…Help!!! Often when I tell people what we do and how we do it, it sounds like white noise, smoke and mirrors, or just plain voodoo! But, Electronics Restoration is none of these. It is a craft for which there truly are not many craftspersons.

The true ER craftsperson has a strong working knowledge of the operation of:

  • appliances and their brains
  • IT connectivity
  • rust, corrosion, mold, and soot contamination
  • voltage, current, and energy spikes in relation to electrical circuits – aka power surges.

These are just a few of the basic skills required to successfully evaluate and restore/repair electronics.

Don’t be held hostage. Electronics restoration can provide both the diagnosis and the tools for the response and repair you need.

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