When you have a claim, commercial or residential, involving electronics and/or appliances in loss-affected areas, Yellow Jackets can assist in developing your scope with on-site evaluations and inventory capture, as well as advise all parties on the state of the equipment. Typically, when electronics have been exposed to water and fire with resultant damages, it is best to have trained, experienced electronics restoration specialists perform the necessary disconnect services.

Yellow Jackets pack-out and pack-back teams include these specialists, who bring their understanding of manufacturer-approved installation and removal procedures to bear. Furthermore, if there are premium, specialty, or customized gear to inspect, we enlist the expertise of industry specialists.

Yellow Jackets Electronics Restoration works directly with the carriers and adjusters to inform and advise on recommended best practices with the affected electronics, allowing you, the contractor, to focus on your claim. We’ll follow your lead on how best to communicate both with you and your insured parties.

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